As we were: "Once Upon A Time"
These photos were provided by Joan (Goss) Clark,
who attended Marion College on & off between 1958 - 1961
I hope I identified these people corectly.
(click to enlarge)
Willard Nuckols and Marion Woods
Naomi Gunter (the tall one) and Donna Evans
Marion Woods and Virginia Kossan
David Mayer
Joan Goss ??
Robert Mundt
Beverly Wortz
Virginia Kossan
Betty Radke??
img 10 ??
Marian Wood
Mavis Jones ??
Joseph Russell
img 014, Not everyone here went to Marion College.
Edith Stokes (far right) & Mary Wierman & Jeanne Cammen


Special thanks to Judy Nygard

for identifing most of the people for me.