As remembered by: Richard "Dick" Bujaki, '58-'61


I resided in Williams Hall. Mrs Zelda Coats was our dorm mother. A very sweet lady she was indeed. No TV's or Pool tables were allowed in Williams Hall. We weren't supposed to cook in our rooms, but I had a hotplate anyway's. We took our meals in the cafeteria located in the basement of Teter Hall. Mrs Della Waters was in charge of the girls at the girls dorm (Teter Hall). If you went calling on a girl and sat in the parlor of Teter Hall, Mrs. Waters would come around with a 18" ruler to make sure you were sitting at least 18" apart shoulder to shoulder. We adhered to a strict code of conduct. We all dressed neatly and modestly. Girls did not show their legs, even in gym class when they had to wear culottes.

  • We lived my a Wesleyan code of conduct and dress which was a lot different then by today's standards.
  • We did not go to movies, but we did go to gospel concerts.
  • Dr. McConn was president when I was there.
  • We used to have daily chapel with mandatory attendance, and yes, they kept attendance records.
  • It was a big deal when professor John Reed put on a stage play. I think it was, "The seven last words of Christ." I was on the stage crew. Never before had a stage play been allowed on campus. This was a First for Marion College.
  • During yearly revival at College Church, we were excused from doing homework if we attended revival meeting. We were on the honor system. Honor was a thing not taken lightly when I was there.
  • We only had intramural sports, and we were divided into two completive groups known as the Amphics and the Eurekans. Rush Day was was an adventure that remained with you as long as you were at Marion College.
  • "Moon's" drive in restaurant was one of our hang outs, as was the Truck Stop on the outskirts of town which severed a giant tenderloin sandwich.
  • Moon's used to have an all you can eat chicken special. One person who shall remain nameless decided to put this to the test. After ten servings of chicken, old man Moon himself came out and told him, "No more chicken!". My friend challenged him with, "I thought this was all you can eat chicken." Mr. Moon replied, "Yes, and this is all you are going to eat!."
  • Yes, we did do some pranks. Once someone parked a VW blocking the entrance to Williams Hall. 20 of us picked it up and carried it up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Dean Bowman was so perplexed over this, he said that if we removed the VW, there would be no punishment for those involved. So, 20 of us picked up the VW and carried it back down the stairs and back into the parking lot.

Spirituality was always first and foremost on campus. My fondest memories are of this period in my life. These experiences have lasted me a lifetime. Life took me in a different direction, but I never lost my love for Marion College.